The Eagle Scout Badge

The revision to the Eagle Scout Badge was undertaken by the Merit Badge Center. There were two major considerations when the Merit Badge Center undertook this initiative: (1) showcase the prestiege, power, and majesty of the Philippine Eagle--one of the most powerful raptors in the world and (2) maintain continuity and uniformity between the preceeding and the new badge.

The second objective may have been the hardest and most misunderstood one. Since it was so easy to simply re-design the entire thing. Everyone I have shown the prototype design made the very astute observation that "it is basically the same as the old one". Well of course it was, because of objective number two. However, I continued on to believe that it is important to keep with the traditional design for the simple reason of "Brand Identity".

The graphical design was created by Joel Lee (Venturer Scout) and Stadri Emblems was commissioned to create the final and prototype patches. On April 20, 2011 a copyright registration certificate was granted by the United States Copyright Office (VAu1-068-437).

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The Revised Eagle Scout Badge approved by the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines on August 20, 2011.