Why Brand Identity is Important...

Brand identity is one of the major considerations when we proposed a revision to the Eagle Scout Badge (Read The Eagle Scout Badge) and for very good reasons.

"Boy Scout" as a brand is a Filipino household name as much as it is American or British. Any Filipino can relate to what a Boy Scout is and they can probably even say that they were once a KAB Scout or a Boy Scout. However, this is sharply different to "Eagle Scout" as a brand.

The Eagle Scout is virtually unknown to your typical Filipino. Collectively the Eagle Scouts can market themselves more and bring their identity mainstream with more community involvement and creating more brand awareness. Promoting brand identity has never been on the forefront of any of the Eagle Scout associations (past or present).

This is one of the major reason why keeping with a standard brand identity is critical as I believe. Collectively we need to create an identity where people can say "that is an Eagle Scout" much like whenever they see the golden arches they know its MacDonalds or the Bee it is Jollibee. In doing so a uniform design is important among the different promotions and regalias. I believe that it is nice to have different design choices, but it is something our collective brand cannot afford at the moment.

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The Revised Eagle Scout Badge approved by the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines on August 20, 2011.